What are the key partner preferences of homosexual and heterosexual men and women?

From: Archives of Sexual Behavior

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  • 840 homosexual men and women, and 756 heterosexual men and women


  • Participants rated the importance of attractiveness and social status of potential partners


  • Heterosexual men valued attractiveness the most, followed by homosexual men, heterosexual women, and homosexual women.
  • Heterosexual women valued indicators of social status, ambition, finished education, and high salary the most. Respectively, homosexual and heterosexual men in general followed, and homosexual women valued indicators of social status the least. Nevertheless, both homosexual and heterosexual men and women reported significantly more dating desire for persons with high-status profiles than for those with low-status profiles, although these effects were smaller than the effects of attractiveness
  • Heterosexual men showed the most dating desire based on attractiveness, followed by homosexual men. Opposite to the self-report results, homosexual women showed more dating desire as compared to heterosexual women.


  • Homosexual men and women have similar mate preferences to heterosexual men and women by showing more dating desire for attractive and high social status persons.
  • Compared to attractiveness, status played a smaller role in dating desire.