What are the benefits of early skin-to-skin contact between mothers and there newborns?

From: The Cochrane Collaboration

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  • 34 trials including 2,177 participants


  • The paper is a systematic review / meta analysis of all relevant trials.
  • This means that the data from all similar trials has been grouped to form an overall outcome.


  • There is a significant and positive effect of early skin-to-skin contact on breastfeeding at one to four months post-birth.
  • Skin-to-skin contact increased breastfeeding duration but the results did not quite reach statistical significance.
  • Blood glucose 75 to 90 minutes following the birth was significantly higher in skin-to-skin contact infants
  • Babies were possibly more likely to have a good early relationship with their mothers but this was difficult to measure


  • Yes (with confidence). Beneficial for breastfeeding, cardio-respiratory stability and decreases infant crying. Early infant skin-to-skin contact has no apparent short- or long-term negative effects