The views of oncologists and cancer patients on complementary and alternative medicine?

From: Supportive care in Cancer

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  • 82 physicians and 244 outpatients


  • Use of questionnaire


  • Physicians were more likely than patients to credit Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) use to hope, control, incurable disease, or a nontoxic approach.
  • Both physicians and patients agreed CAM could relieve symptoms/side effects, but physicians were less likely than patients to expect that CAM improved immunity or quality of life, cured disease, or prolonged life.
  • Physicians believed patients felt CAM discussions were unimportant and physicians would not understand, discontinue treatment, discourage or disapprove of the use.
  • Patients attributed nondisclosure to their uncertainty of its benefit and never being asked about CAM by physicians.
  • Physicians were more likely to warn of risks and less likely to encourage use than patients perceived.


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