Is there a link between obesity indicators and cardiovascular disease risk factors in children 4 years of age?

From: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

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  • 324 children 4 years of age.


  • The investigators collected body measurements and calculated general indicators of obesity (weight, body mass index, sum of 4 skinfold thicknesses, percentage fat, and body fat index) and central obesity (waist circumference, waist-to-hip ratio, waist-to-height ratio, and truncal fatness based on skinfold thickness).
  • The investigators measured blood sample concentrations of C-reactive protein, interleukin-6, homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance, triglycerides, and total, 'bad' LDL, and 'good' HDL cholesterol. 


  • Obesity and central obesity were common, and most of the children had at least one cardiometabolic risk factor, particularly lipid disorders.
  • Obesity and central obesity indicators were highly linked and, overall, were weakly related to cardiometabolic status.
  • At this age, body mass index and waist circumference were poor predictors of cardiometabolic status.


  • No (without confidence)


Editors Notes

  • These results indicate that changes in diet and physical activity are the preferred approaches to lowering values for cardiometabolic risk factors, including obesity