Is stimulation of wrist acupuncture point P6 effective in the prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting?

From: The Cochrane Collaboration

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  • 40 trials involving 4,858 participants


  • The paper is a systematic review / meta analysis of all relevant trials.
  • This means that the data from all similar trials has been grouped to form an overall outcome.


  • Compared with sham treatment, P6 acupoint stimulation significantly reduced: nausea (29%); vomiting (30%), and the need for rescue antiemetics (31%).
  • There was no clear difference in the effectiveness of P6 acupoint stimulation for adults and children; or for invasive and noninvasive acupoint stimulation.
  • There was no evidence of difference between P6 acupoint stimulation and antiemetic drugs in the risk of nausea (18% reduced risk), vomiting (1% increased risk), or the need for rescue antiemetics (18% reduced risk).
  • The side effects associated with P6 acupoint stimulation were minor. 


  • Yes (with confidence)