Is folate acid intake from foods and dietary supplements adequate in the U.S population?

From: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

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  • 11,462 participants


  • Participants completed an interview, health examination, and a 24hr dietary recall


  • In 2003–2006, 53% of the US population used dietary supplements; 34.5% used dietary supplements that contained folic acid.
  • Total folate intake (in dietary folate equivalents) was higher for men than for women and higher for non- Hispanic whites than for Mexican Americans and non-Hispanic blacks; 29% of non-Hispanic black women had inadequate intakes.
  • Total folate and folic acid intakes are highest for those aged over 50 y, and 5% exceed the Tolerable Upper Intake Level.


  • No (with confidence) – for women of childbearing age and non-Hispanic black women


Editors Notes

  • Total folate is an umbrella term used to represent the different forms of the B vitamin.
  • Folic acid supplementation in the periconceptional period decreases the occurrence of neural tube defects