How do women perceive their body image and how does this differ from there partners views?

From: Journal of Youth and Adolescence

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  • 95 heterosexual couples (total participants 190)


  • Women were shown nine female figures that range from very underweight to very overweight. Women were asked to select the figure that represents: (1) what they think they currently look like, (2) what they would like to look like, (3) what they think their romantic partners think they currently look like, and (4) what they think their romantic partners would like them to look like.
  • The men in this study were asked to indicate (1) what they think their romantic partner currently looks like and (2) what they would like their romantic partner to look like.


  • Women thought their bodies looked heavier than they thought their romantic partners’ perceived them to look, and than their romantic partners actually thought they looked.
  • Women’s desired body figure tended to be thinner than the body figure they perceived their romantic partner wanted them to look like and their romantic partners’ actual desired female figure.
  • Women tended to be more dissatisfied with their bodies than their romantic partners.
  • Women who thought their romantic partners were unsatisfied with their bodies not only had relatively high BMIs but were also older in age and had been romantically involved with their partners longer than women who thought their partners were satisfied with their bodies.


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