Does exercise with Metformin reduce cardiovascular risk factors in diabetic adults?

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  • 32 healthy men and women


  • Measures of body weight, waist circumference, blood pressure, and concentrations of blood lipids, and high sensitivity C-reactive protein were taken.
  • Individuals were tested before and after 12 weeks of placebo, metformin, exercise training plus placebo, or exercise training plus metformin.  


  • Exercise with metformin and exercise with placebo increased VO2 peak by 10-20% and strength by approximately 15%
  • Metformin alone and exercise plus Metformin, but not exercise with placebo, decreased body weight more than placebo alone. Exercise with Metformin and exercise with placebo also lowered percent body fat and central body fat by similar amounts.
  • Exercise training and/or metformin had no effect on fasting glucose concentrations
  • Exercise with placebo and Metfomin alone, but not exercise with metformin, lowered C-reactive protein by approximately 20% compared with placebo.
  • The authors conclude that although exercise and/or metformin improve some cardiovascular disease risk factors, only training or metformin alone lowered C-reactive protein and blood pressure.


  • Yes (without confidence)