Does diabetes increase the risk of a range of vascular diseases?

From: The Lancet

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  • 698,782 people from 102 studies


  • The paper is a systematic review / meta analysis of all relevant trials.
  • This means that the data from all similar trials has been grouped to form an overall outcome.


  • Patients with diabetes were;
  1. twice as likely to suffer from coronary heart disease;
  2. 2.27 times as likely to suffer anischaemic stroke;
  3. 1.56 times as likely to suffer an haemorrhagic stroke;
  4. 1.84 times as likely to suffer an unclassified stroke;
  5. and 1.73 times as likely to suffer an aggregate of other vascular deaths.
  • Risk of coronary heart disease was higher in women than in men, at 40—59 years than at 70 years and older, and with fatal than with non-fatal disease.
  • Fasting blood glucose concentration was non-linearly related to vascular risk, with no significant associations between 3·90 mmol/L and 5·59 mmol/L.
  • Compared with fasting blood glucose concentrations of 3·90—5·59 mmol/L, risk of coronary heart disease was increased 7% for lower than 3·90 mmol/L; 11% for 5·60—6·09 mmol/L; and 17% for 6·10—6·99 mmol/L


  • Yes (with confidence)