Does aspirin taken daily reduce the risk of cancer and death due to cancer?

From: The Lancet

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  • 25,570 patients across 8 trials


  • The paper is a systematic review / meta analysis of all relevant trials.
  • This means that the data from all similar trials has been grouped to form an overall outcome.


  • Allocation to aspirin reduced death due to cancer (odds reduced by 21%).
  • Benefit was apparent only after 5 years' follow-up (all cancers risk reduced by 34%, and gastrointestinal cancers by 54%).
  • The 20-year risk of cancer death (1,634 deaths in 12,659 patients in three trials) remained lower in the aspirin groups than in the control groups (20% in all cancers; 35% in gastrointestinal cancers), and benefit increased with scheduled duration of trial treatment (≥7·5 years).
  • Benefit was unrelated to aspirin dose (75 mg upwards), sex, or smoking, but increased with age.


  • Yes (with confidence)