Does altering dietary salt during pregnancy effect the risk of developing pre-eclampsia and its complications?

From: The Cochrane Collaboration

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  • Two trials were included with 603 women


  • A review of randomised trials evaluating either reduced or increased dietary salt intake during pregnancy.


  • In the absence of evidence that advice to alter salt intake during pregnancy has any beneficial effect for prevention of pre-eclampsia or any other outcome, salt consumption during pregnancy should remain a matter of personal preference.


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Editors Notes

  • Pre-eclampsia is a serious complication of pregnancy associated with poor health, or even death, for the mother and baby.
  • Pre-eclampsia is identified by raised blood pressure and protein in the urine during the second half of pregnancy.
  • In the past, a low-salt diet was often recommended, in the belief that it would help to prevent pre-eclampsia.