Does acupressure (Jin Shin) offer cardiovascular benefits following stroke?

From: Complementary Therapies in Medicine

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  • Participants received 8 weeks of either active or placebo acupressure followed by washout and crossover into the opposite treatment condition.
  • Heart rate and blood pressure measurements were taken throughout treatments.


  • Active acupressure reduced heart rate significantly more than placebo acupressure during treatments.
  • Although no treatment effect on blood pressure was found, this could be due to 67% of participants taking antihypertensive medications during the study.


  • Yes (without confidence)


Editors Notes

  • Acupressure, a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatment, uses fingertips, rather than needles, to stimulate acupoints on the skin
  • The results have to be interpreted with caution. The number of participants was too small to make a definitive outcome and the quality of the study was poor.